Meetup vs. Google (or David vs. Goliath)

Meetuplex is an interesting, funny, and creative look at the difference between working at Google and Meetup, by Meetup’s CEO, Scott Heiferman. Here are a couple of comparisons:

At Google, you take the Google Bus with people as smart as you. Your fellow Googlers will probably be listening to Tech Talk Podcasts while coding.

At Meetup, you take the NYC subway to work. You’re part of the greatest melting pot on Earth. WARNING: Some of your fellow riders aren’t naturally excited about Google Apps.

At Google, most revenue comes from advertising, so Google must satisfy advertisers.

At Meetup, most revenue comes from the people who love our service, so Meetup can focus on serving people.

The accompanying photos make the list more interesting. (Via SVN)


Your thoughts?

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