Another contact lens solution recalled

I’d written about the recall of a contact lens solution a while ago and I saw an article on the NY Times about another recall of a different company’s lens solution.

Customers were advised to immediately stop using the solution, AMO Complete Moisture Plus Multi-Purpose Solution. The solution, used to clean and store soft contact lenses, is made by Advanced Medical Optics of Santa Ana, Calif.

Soft contact lens wearers who have the AMO solution were advised to discard all partially used or unopened bottles and switch to alternative products. They should also throw out their current contact lenses and the lens storage case because they may harbor an infection-causing amoeba, officials of the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta said.

The agency also advised people who have used the product to call an eye doctor if they have experienced eye pain or redness, blurred vision, sensitivity to light, the feeling of something in the eye or excessive tearing. The symptoms, which resemble those of other eye problems, can last weeks to months and vary among patients.

I wonder if there are any natural cleansers out there, that you can use as an alternative, instead of depending on and trusting big companies (who are interested in profits) to do what’s best for your eyes.

PS: I am not sure if the lens solution in question is even available in India.


2 thoughts on “Another contact lens solution recalled

  1. Yes, the solution is available in India. I’ve been using the AMO Complete range for years together. I’ve always found them comfortable, more comfortable than any other alternative that I’ve used. However, I haven’t used the Moisture Plus solution, though a lot of ophthalmologists have been recommending it. I’ve always used the standard solution.

    All these solutions that promise to retain “moisture” in the lenses have been running into problems of late. I’ve gotten used to lenses, and am now finding it uncomfortable to wear spectacles. I guess I’ll have to think of some other alternative.

  2. Yeah, I realised this morning that AMO is available in India. You’re right about the “moisture retention” part of the lens cleaning solutions but it may be one of those things. I wonder what’s a good natural alternative to chemicals which are clearly causing at least some people bad problems.

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