Reducing RSS subscription clutter

If you’re an RSS nut (i.e. you like to read your blogs in RSS readers) or if you’re into visiting blogs, you can’t help notice that most people offer RSS feeds to their blogs.

You would’ve also noticed that some sites have about a gazillion buttons allowing you to subscribe to their blog using your favourite RSS reader. One or two buttons, I can live with, but some blogs go button-crazy and create that enemy of all websites–clutter.

Enter Seth Godin, who does it differently. (I’ve not seen this used elsewhere but that may just mean that I’m an RSS nut.) Godin has two buttons under his RSS Feeds section and they both take you to a site called Add This. (See the screenshot below.)

Add This Widget

I think it’s worth the extra mouse-click to reduce clutter, speed up website loading times, especially on pages which already have loads of images or on computers with slow Internet connections. So, if you’re one of those people who uses multiple images, consider using the Add This Widget. It’s elegant, it’s simple, and it reduces clutter.

And, it could be a way to achieve website Shangri-la.


Your thoughts?

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