Shame on you, if you don’t care

Garbage dumping and collection is a touchy issue in Bangalore and today’s Deccan Herald talks to some garbage collectors. Here are excerpts from the interviews:

“As an employee of BBMP, I’ve been collecting garbage for 25 years. Many a time, I’ve been injured while handling glass pieces and syringes mixed with municipal waste. I keep requesting the residents not to dump such hazardous waste with household garbage”. — Chinnamma

Ouch. I’ve seen so many garbage collectors but rarely with gloves to handle the garbage or even masks to deal with the stench of the garbage. Here’s another collector’s view:

”There is no one to take care of my son at home, so I bring him with me. He too is thus exposed to all the hazardous waste (used batteries, syringes and other medical waste). Though I use gloves, I am not completely safe. If the public understand our plight and stop dumping hazardous waste along with their daily garbage, we will be grateful to them.” — Balamma

The garbage collectors are doing us a huge service by clearing our garbage every day. Can we as citizens not be a little more responsible and empathetic? It’s not that hard to seggregate organic waste from paper/plastic and hazardous materials. Why should we make the garbage collectors or rag pickers do our dirty work?


Your thoughts?

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