Burning toxic waste is child’s play?

The ghost of Bhopal’s tragedy has risen up again and may bite us in rear end once again. An excerpt from a report on the Environmental News Network:

An Indian firm plans to burn toxic waste from the Bhopal disaster, the world’s worst industrial accident, despite environmentalists’ objections.

The firm, Bharuch Environ Infrastructure Ltd., said burning the waste poses no threat.

“We have the best waste disposal facility and it is child’s play for us, ” Rajju Shroff, BEIL’s chairman, said Tuesday.

That’s the part I’m worried about–children get burned when they play with fire. Jokes aside, if environmentalists are concerned, maybe they should be allowed to visit the treatment plant and shown that things will be okay. You don’t want another tragedy that is entirely preventable.

Here’s another interesting bit from the report:

Survivors have since been fighting to get the site cleaned up, but say their efforts were slowed when Union Carbide was taken over by Michigan-based Dow Chemical Co. in 2001, seven years after Union Carbide sold its interest in the Bhopal plant.

Dow has maintained that it is not responsible for cleaning up the site, and the plant is now under the control of India’s Madhya Pradesh state, which has agreed to pay BEIL US$220,000 (euro163,700) to dispose of the waste.

Remember, this tragedy occured in 1984 and it’s now 23 years (almost) since the tragedy.

23 years.


Your thoughts?

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