Thinking differently about schooling

I just finished watching a video that I found via Education Revolution. The words impressive and thought-provoking come to mind when I want to describe what I just saw.

The video starts with the question What if everything we think about schooling is wrong? and features a bunch of interviews with kids about the school that they attend.

I found out after watching the video that it’s actually a trailer for a film called the Voices from the New American Schoolhouse. Here’s a description from the film’s website:

Voices from the New American Schoolhouse explores life outside the usual educational box. Narrated exclusively by students, the film chronicles life and learning at the Fairhaven School in Upper Marlboro, MD which practices an undiluted form of freedom and democracy that turns mainstream education theory on its head. Filmmaker Danny Mydlack enjoyed unrestricted access over a two-year period to produce this candid and unblinking encounter with kid-powered learning. This movie is for anyone who ever went to school and imagined something better.

The filmmaker Danny Mydlack is an assistant professor of media production and history at Towson University near Baltimore, MD.

Brilliant stuff. Here’s the link again. Watch.


Your thoughts?

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