The worst thing about spam

Spam is like a fly that gets into your house and buzzes around disturbing you. You can ignore it for a while, but after some time it gets on your nerves. Earlier, it was only email spam. Now, it’s blog comment spam, trackback spam, web search engine spam (results that point to sites that use meta tags that have nothing to do with what you’re looking for), mobile spam (messages from your service provider asking you to download the latest movie’s songs or whatever else)… you get the picture.

The worst thing about spam is the time it wastes.

Even if I trust the spam filters, I have to take a look every now and then to ensure that a genuine email or comment didn’t get trapped by mistake. Spam filters aren’t perfect you know.

Or, if an email or a comment that is spam is let through, then I have to “mark it as spam” and delete the pesky insect. Some more time taken away.

Then, there are the methods used to combat spam. Some websites make me look at images that have garbled text and ask me to figure out the text and enter it. The burden has shifted to the user and that’s one more time drainer. I can understand why it’s done, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it.

There’s also the toll spam that takes on the user

Sometimes I don’t want to look at the spam that my blog’s comment filters catch. There’s just so many comments and most of them have to do with the usual crap–you know what I’m talking about. And, my blogs are not high traffic blogs.

I feel sorry for the people with high traffic sites–I can’t imagine the amount of spam they must be getting. It’s information overload of a different kind–a mountain of trash dumped at your doorstep.

Fight back: Kick some orc ass
Nuke ’em. It feels good as to empty the spam folder or spam comments folder and kill the spam comments. It’s like swatting the pesky fly–sometimes a little bit of “violence” is cathartic.

Yesterday, I blocked an IP address of a spammer. Felt good. The idiot will have to spam me from another IP address. Maybe it’s simple for him or maybe not. Either way, I’m taking the battle to the spammer–however small the irritant I’m putting in his/her path.

So, fight back. Take back the web, so to speak. We can’t let Sauron win.


2 thoughts on “The worst thing about spam

  1. Yes, it is painful to clean out Spam. I get a steady dose of 15-20 spam emails a day, and once in a while, a friends’ eMail is in it. :-( I have stopped checking how many spam comments and trackbacks I get on my blog, and when I login, I just hit the “Delete All” button. It’s become too painful to clean out the trash now-a-days.

    Cool thing about blocking the Spammer’s IP Address.. :-)

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