What you do after a really good meal…

Burrp of course.

Not that kind, but the Burrp kind. Here’s an excerpt about Burrp from their about page:

burrp! is a fun way to find and share your views on local stuff, ranging from restaurants to bars; cafes to roadside stalls; and much more. Since we went live on August 15th, 2006, we’ve tried our best to create a vibrant community around local stuff.

Burrp features information about restaurants, bars, and fast food places for four cities–Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkotta. I wonder why Delhi is absent, but since I don’t live there, I’m not heartbroken.

Burrp also has a Bangalore-specific page, where you can read reviews, look at what people are searching for, navigate tags, etc. I had read about Burrp earlier but I never went to the site up to now.

The interface is clean, the search is decent, and the page has a Web 2.0-ish feel to it. Ruby on Rails feel too as well. (I know–that was geeky.)

Burrp also has a blog and an online “lifestyle focused” magazine aptly titled Blah.


3 thoughts on “What you do after a really good meal…

  1. Thanks for your kind works. I am glad that you liked the site. We’ve tried to keep the site fresh, fun and very user friendly.

    Keep burrping!

    ps – we are launching Delhi in 10 days.

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