The movie reviewers you should trust

Lindsay from Wisegeek recently emailed me about a tool that they’d created. She wrote:

Simply rate some movies that you’ve seen, and the Movie Critic Matchmaker will tell you which movie critic has tastes closest to yours! You’ll never have to wonder who to trust again!

I checked out the tool and two of the reviewers that the tool gave me were the ones that I use, so that was cool. What’s nifty is that you can skip movies that you haven’t seen and only rank movies that you have seen.

What can you do with the tool? Well, if you’re looking to figure out whether to watch a movie, it makes sense to check out reviewers whose tastes are closest to yours. My favourite movie reviewer of all time: Barry Norman.

EPS*: While you’re at WiseGeek (tag line: clear answers for common questions) check out the rest of the site as well. They have some nice articles.

This one I bookmarked on my page. In case you’ve not noticed, I post some of my links on the sidebar of this blog.

* — You’ll get this if you’re a geek.


Your thoughts?

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