Opera Mini 4 (beta) released

If you’re one of them peoples who like to browse the Internets from their mobile devices, then check out out the Opera Mini.

The Opera peoples released the beta version (dubbed Dimension) of their browser for the mobile phone. Here’s the skinny from the Opera Watch blog:

The main focus of Opera Mini 4.0 beta was to make mobile browsing easier and more in-line with traditional browsing on PCs.

Prior to this beta, Opera Mini only had one layout mode, called ‘fit-to-width’, which reformatted the webpages nicely to fit in a single column. The fit-to-width mode works fine on most pages. However fitting pages with intensive structures and complicated designs into a single column is not always the best option. Enter ‘PC View’ layout.

With ‘PC View’ layout (also known as ‘Desktop layout’), a thumbnail of the webpage, similar to what you would see on the PC/desktop browser, is first shown. Using the mouse curser (also new in this beta) or a stylus you could select a region and instantly zoom in.

If you want to see screenshots or read the full post, go here.

PS: I’m blogging this in the regular Opera (9.21) and I happen to think that Opera’s a cool browser.

YAPS (geeky acronym): If your mobile phone does not support the Mini, you can check out the simulator here.


2 thoughts on “Opera Mini 4 (beta) released

  1. I had some problems viewing pages on Opera, when installed on my mobile. :-( A few pages just gave me the HTML code, and Opera couldn’t render them correctly. I tried a demo version of the software. I switched back to my original browser that came with the phone.

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