Waiter, there's a hair in my soup

A few days ago, the wife ordered soup at a restaurant that we both like for its food. A couple of spoonfuls later, she found a hair in the soup. We called the waiter over and showed him. He took the soup bowl away and discussed the incident with the head-waiter before proceeding to the kitchen–presumably to dump the soup. Shudder.

The head-waiter, who’d taken our order, came by and asked if we wanted to order something else. The earlier incident was apparently forgotten. I do understand that though it’s a rare occurence, you will find hair in your food. What angered me is that there was no mention of the incident. I’m not asking for the restaurant to worship at my feet. A ‘Sorry about that, can we get you something else?’ would be so much better. Better still would be to say sorry and to pick up the cost of a replacement dish.

No such thing, not even an acknowledgment of a mistake. And, this isn’t the first time we’re getting not-so-great customer service. The last time, the same head-waiter tried to convince us to order more food than we would’ve been able to eat. Thankfully we declined.

Even though the restaurant serves good food, the overall experience leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. Now, I could’ve contacted the manager and complained but why would I go through the trouble? Shouldn’t the restaurant care enough to get feedback from its customers? (It’s a different matter that I think feedback forms for restaurants are mostly a way to get your contact information.)

I’ve eaten at this restaurant many times since it opened a couple of years ago. I’ve recommended it to people and I’ve taken friends and family there. I am was a repeat customer and a good customer at that. Not anymore. I may give the restaurant another chance but right now it’s unlikely. There are plenty of restaurants that care about their customers.

If you really must know the restaurant’s name, it’s Annachi.

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2 thoughts on “Waiter, there's a hair in my soup

  1. I’m surprised at the response of the head waiter, or rather, the lack of it. A few days back, when me and a few friends were at a Pizza joint, one of the pizzas was not baked, and when my friend pointed this out, they brought in a replacement (free of cost, of course), and then took the half baked pizza.

    Yes, as you say, there are plenty of restaurants around. I’d rather go to one, wherein they care about me.

  2. Yeah, it depends on the people you hire–you could go to another pizza outlet (of a particular chain) and yet have a similar experience to mine. It’s about hiring people who have some sort of empathy.

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