Help Vinay find a bone marrow match

Got this in my Inbox recently:

My nephew Dr. Vinay Chakravarthy, age 28, an orthopedic surgeon-in-training in Boston, was recently diagnosed as suffering from leukemia and after a few rounds of chemotherapy, the doctors have advised a bone marrow transplant.

The U.S. Registry has over 6 million potential donors on the list but the number of Indians on the list is very small. I understand that the chance of finding a match is 1 in 20000 and thats where you all can help. All it takes is a simple cheek swab and the test is done free. Our family and friends have been organizing drives across the United States and you can get all the info on

A Caucasian needing a bone marrow transplant can find 15 matches but for Indians the probability right now is close to zero. But this can be changed and is being changed with drives across the country. I would urge you to attend one of the drives that is taking place near your city and get your smaple taken. I would also ask that you inform your family and friends and take them along…

This US registry is not only helpful for Vinay but can helpful to future patients as well. Any suggestions and any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

So, if you’re in the US and would like to donate or help, go to How you can help for more info. There’s more coverage of the story here.

PS: India, according to this article from Wired, doesn’t have much of a registry.


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