Die Hard 4.0

Die Hard (1) was set in a building.

Die Hard 2 was set mostly in an airport.

Die Hard 3 (with a vengeance) was set in New York, some in a train, some on a ship.

Die Hard 4.0 has action in buildings, cars, trucks, and even a power station–though I can’t remember any trains and ships.

John McClane (Bruce Willis) is back as the cop we’ve all come to love; except that now he’s older, he’s lost his hair, and he’s got a grown-up daughter who kinda hates him. McClane is asked to pick up a hacker, Matt Farrell, and deliver him to the FBI in Washington. Simple? Hardly.

The hacker Farrell, played by Justin Long, is part of a group of hackers who have all written snippets of code for a bad guy and then have been eliminated.

McClane gets to Farrell’s house and immediately the movie heats up. The bad guys try to kill Farrell but McClane, in his inimitable Die Hard way, foils them. Thus begins the cat and mouse game between McClane and the bad guy, who we later come to know as Thomas Gabriel. (Gabriel played by Timothy Olyphant is a suave, chilling villian, a worthy adversary to McClane.)

Gabriel and his team hack into the US networks and is playing havoc with the whole country on the 4th of July weekend; TV transmissions, traffic signals, computer networks, they’re all in chaos. The FBI’s cyber security team is also hit along with the NSA, DHS (Department of Homeland Security), and presumably the CIA.

Will McClane be able to foil the bad guy be the reluctant hero? That is something you’ll have to watch the movie to get to know because I’m not telling. What I can tell you, however, is that Die Hard 4.0 is a slick, action movie. The stunts in this movie are breathtaking–a spectacular car crash, a helicopter scene, and really crisp action scenes.

Die Hard 4.0 is a movie that you must watch if you’re an action movie buff or if you’re a fan of any of the Die Hard movies. It also has the signature humour of the Die Hard series.

This movie has the best action sequences of all the Die Hards but whether it’s the best one, I’m not sure. For me, the original Die Hard is hard to beat because it was the first and the humour coupled with the action made it a fun movie to watch.

Die Hard 4.0 comes close though and apart from a couple of tiny blips that made me roll my eyes (I’m nitpicking here), it is an entertaining movie, worth watching.

But remember, if wife is not into action movies–take the mistress instead.


2 thoughts on “Die Hard 4.0

  1. It was a fun movie to watch. :-) I had a nice time watching it.. I was at the edge of my seat most of the time.. The best of the four – I doubt it. The first two are kind of etched in my memory. :-)

    Oh, and the wife-mistress part was funny. ;)

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