Ta’am Falafel

Ta’am, if you pronounce it as tam (as in tamarind) gives you the impression that you’re talking about Tamilians (Tam-Bram). But, the falafel gives it away.

Because, the falafel is a delicious chickpea-based dish that’s deep-fried and put into a pita-bread pocket–thus making a sandwich. You can eat it like a snack too, and it’ll taste like the equivalent of our Indian bajji-type-foods.

All this just to explain that Ta’am Falafel is a restaurant in Koramangala that serves Middle-Eastern cuisine. If you’re looking for shawarma, you won’t find it because the restaurant serves only vegetarian food. What you will find is falafels, pitas, hummus, pita-based sandwiches and salads and juices. (Full menu here)

I had the falafel platter and the wife had the hummus platter and we liked our respective meals. Me, I had to move the belt buckle a couple of notches but that’s a story for another day. With the platter, you get a bunch of veggies and sauces with your platter, all in small porcelain cups, that you can use to make your pita sandwich. Or, eat the thing as you like.

The restaurant’s ambience is nice and comfortable and it’s the sort of place where you can have a relaxed meal. It’s worth checking out this place for something different, especially if falafel and hummus are stranges to you. My only beef (no pun intended) with the place is that it doesn’t serve the non-vegetarian Middle-Eastern cuisine.

Planning to go? You can get the directions here.


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