Hyderabad Biryani House

Hyderabad biryani is one of those foods that will probably be on the menu in the buffet at Eden. The slow-cooked rice, with the different spices, and the tender meat is something of a treat. If you’re a Hyderabad Biryani afficionado, you probably know that the true gourmet eats the mutton biryani (and not its poor cousin the chicken biryani) and that the meat is not cooked separately and mixed but cooked on a slow fire along with the rice.

But, this post is not about how to cook biryani or about which biryani is better. It’s about a place in Bangalore called Hyderabad Biryani House, which serves the best Hyderabadi Biryani I’ve eaten in Bangalore. (Note that I’m not saying that I’ve sampled the biryani at all the restaurants in Bangalore.)

The first time I ate at Hyderabad Biryani House (HBH) was a few years ago, when it had just started. At that time, I didn’t like the biryani all that much. I preferred the biryani at Hyderabad House (in Koramangala) to the HBH version. A friend who ate at the latter even mentioned to me that HBH was better but I still could not get myself to try it.

Then, another friend, one whose culinary tastes are more in tune with mine, mentioned that the biryani from HBH was really good and I decided to give it one more try. Glad that I did because I was missing out on some yummy biryani.

At HBH, you can get all sorts of Hyderabadi/Mughlai cuisine but the star attraction is the biryani. The veggie biryani is pretty good but if you’re a meat eater, go for the mutton biryani and you won’t regret it. And, if mutton is not your meat of choice, the chicken biryani is pretty darn good.

The rice and meat are cooked to perfection and the aroma is heavenly. The fragrant biryani aroma that will rein you in, just like the scenes in the Tom and Jerry cartoons. The portions that you get are pretty generous and more than enough for one person.

You can eat at the restaurant or get a parcel and enjoy the food at home. The biryani is a tad spicy and if you’re into restrictive diets like low oil, it’s probably not the food for you. If you don’t mind a little artery-clogging however, this is a biryani that you should not miss.

Hyderabadi Biryani House is at Victoria Road, less than 100 metres from the Lifestyle on the same road, but on the opposite side.

PS: This is one of those posts that I should’ve written months ago.


12 thoughts on “Hyderabad Biryani House

  1. Ah, good to see this recommendation, Percy. I’ll keep it in mind, especially since you say the veg version is also good. Is this the Lifestyle near Magrath Road, behind the old Shoppers Stop?

  2. Hash: The Lifestyle is near the old Shopper’s Stop (now Home Stop)–I think there’s only one in Bangalore.

    Also, the veg biryani is good but not as good as the non-veg version. :-)

  3. hi all,
    i had a biryani meal at hyderabad hose which was fine.
    what really surprised me is the managers and the waiters attitude. something like alibaba and the forty thives. ya , exactly this is what that happens.

    i was billed rs. 283 for the meal ,which i paid to the waiter and left. after a few minutes the same waiter comes running behind me charging me that i paid rs.183. when i got the incident ,to the notice of the manager, his attitude was unprofessional and he insisted that his waiters(the bunch of thives)were clean and could not do such a thing.

    i finally decided to give the waiter a 100 re note more, as i did not want a scene.

    now guys, its for you to decide, what you want, the biriyani or your prestige.

  4. Dr. Nipam: Sorry to hear about the experience you had. I’ve eaten at the restaurant only a couple of times and the waiters have been fine. Most of the time I pick up food and the manager has returned money correctly. It’s best to be careful in these matters though.

  5. Hyderabad Biryani House at airport road, bangalore (next to kemp fort) is a regular palce i visit. I loveee their chick biryani…. i dont love eating much but i can t resisit their CB

    I read few reviews above about the management and all.. it might be true… but u gotta be careful when u pay the cash.. to that matter anywhere in india…
    I felt the waiters are ok.. last time i just had 10 bucks to leave the waiter as a tip.. he was so very happy for that ( for a bill of about 320/-)
    Leave these things aside… the chicken biryani there is awesome…Try out the double masala chicken biryani…

    I gotta leave to airport now.. bye bye

  6. Have been to HBH a few times and yes the food’s great. Tho I normally take a parcel rather than eat in, since it’s way too crowded. Wish they made Haleem too (currently not available) – the only place with decent Haleem in BLR is the HB at K’mangala.

  7. Yeah, the place is pretty crowded esp. on weekends. The prices have steadily increased as well. Inflation?

    Fanoos, on Hosur road near Vellara Junction, also has Haleem but only during Ramzan time, if I am not mistaken.

  8. Wow,amazed to see hydi biryani getting such an interest….truly my city’s delicacy is getting its due.
    Beinga vegan,I can enjoy only the veg version ;-(
    hbh are franchisee outlets.
    For haleems you need to visit Hyd esp during the Ramzan.

  9. Food is excellent but, home delivery system is worst when compared to other.. People will respond in a rude way when we call to order some thing.. and they also charge for delivery..

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