The world’s 15 greenest cities

Do You Live in One of the World’s 15 Greenest Cities? is the question asked by an article on Alternet, which is actually reprinted from an article on Grist.

The cities, you ask? From the article’s mouth, after some ruminating by yours truly:

1. Rekyjavik, Iceland
2. Portland, Oregon, U.S.
3. Curitiba, Brazil
4. Malmö, Sweden
5. Vancouver, Canada
6. Copenhagen, Denmark
7. London, England
8. San Francisco, U.S.
9. Bahía de Caráquez, Ecuador
10. Sydney, Australia
11. Barcelona, Spain
12. Bogotá, Colombia
13. Bangkok, Thailand
14. Kampala, Uganda
15. Austin, Texas

The runners-up listed in the article were:

Chicago, (U.S.), Freiburg (Germany), Seattle (U.S.) & Quebec City (Canada).

This isn’t exactly the list of the greenest cities in the world to live in. As it says in the article:

These metropolises aren’t literally the greenest places on earth — they’re not necessarily dense with foliage, for one, and some still have a long way to go down the path to sustainability. But all of the cities on this list deserve recognition for making impressive strides toward eco-friendliness, helping their many millions of residents live better, greener lives.

So, there’s a hint of potential and a sprinkling of “impressive strides” that colours the list, so take it with a pinch of salt.

However, if I had to venture a guess about which city in India would make it, I couldn’t because I’ve not been to all the cities in India. But, I’m told (through voices in my left ear) that Bangalore was #198 mainly because of its overzealous need to cut down trees and burn more fossil fuels. I think the list makers didn’t consider that some of Bangalore’s roads are entirely green–as in no tar, no nothing, except mud.

Maybe I’m getting too snarky now, so it’s time for some caffeine.

Meanwhile, you go read the article on Grist.


Your thoughts?

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