The diary of a biogas converter

Peter Foster, a foreign correspondent at the Telegraph and based in New Delhi, chronicles his attempt to build a biogas converter, which would supply his kitchen with cooking gas, on his blog.

You’d think that writing about a biogas converter would be boring but Foster descriptions and observations peppered with his sense of humour, make it a fascinating read . Here’s an excerpt from his latest post:

Like most Delhi households – there being no mains gas supply – we usually cook on a range fuelled by a cylinder of propane gas that sits in a cupboard under the kitchen sink.

About once a month it runs out – usually on a Sunday when we’re tying to roast a chicken – necessitating a trip to market to procure a replacement which often leads to a fight with the gas man since there aren’t enough cylinders to go round.

Perhaps that quirk of Delhi life shall shortly be no more, if the biogas converter does its business.

With the hose attached and the gas ring opened to full throttle, a match is applied. At the moment of truth I had – quite unnecessarily as it turned out – taken the precaution of standing back at arms length, expecting something of a ‘whooosh’ as the gas ignited.

Instead, a rather weasely blue flame crept around the burner, fighting for its life against the overhead breeze generated by an overhead fan. All the same, a mild cheer filled the kitchen – we had ignition.

Here are the blog posts in sequence:



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