Why do people insist on swimming in rivers?

You hear about this kind of incident (news report via NDTV) so many times, you wonder why people still insist on going to swim in rivers or water bodies that they’re not familiar with.

A friendship’s day picnic turned horribly wrong for two IIM-Indore students who were swept away by strong currents of the Choral river while taking a swim.

Their screams for help were muffled by the sound of the gushing water. All attempts to save them went in vain and they eventually drowned in the river.

The body of both the victims, Nitesh Agarwal from Delhi and Neha Singh from Hyderabad have been recovered.

And according to the director of IIM-Indore, SP Parashar, the students had been warned about swimming in the area.

”The water came gushing from the mountains to the river. Villagers had warned the students to come out of the water but they did not listen.

”The water came with so much force that it swept them away,” said Piyush Tiwari, Eyewitness.

A needless tragedy that could’ve been averted.


2 thoughts on “Why do people insist on swimming in rivers?

  1. Id like to inform you that those two individuals were not out there for a swim, as reported by certain members of the press…. a relaxing day at a picnic spot went awry because of an untoward natural calamity. We students of IIM I have had a harrowing experience dealing with this shocking event.

    U cant believe everything the press tells you; no harm intended, just thought id let you know the truth…

  2. Srivats, I’m sorry for your loss.

    I went through some other articles and found this story, which was different from the other reports.

    Nitesh and Neha, along with their two friends, had gone for a picnic on the banks of the river, about 35 km from Indore, on Saturday. They were sitting on a rock in the middle of the river when the water level suddenly rose catching them unawares. They were swept away by the strong currents.

    From the above article, it seems like they were swept away by a flash flood or something similar. Most other news stories repeated the story that I’d originally posted. I wonder if the media outlets picked up the story from the PTI news wire and just ran with that.

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