The stupidity of some online surveys

I was on a football (soccer) website and a window popped up asking me if I would take part in a 10-minute survey. Sure, if it’d help, I thought and answered Yes.

I was then taken to another site, where I was first asked my age. Then, where I live. Since it was outside the UK, I selected that option. Then, the survey (apparently panicking) asked me to confirm that I was an ex-pat, a U.K. expat that is.

Nope, I’m not, so, I said so. Then, in the next page, I get this message:

Unfortunately as you are currently outside the UK you do not qualify for the full study however we really appreciate your interest in the survey and trust that you will continue to enjoy taking part in our future surveys. If we look to survey our users outside the UK and you would be happy to be contacted as part of this process, please insert your name and email address below. You will not be contacted by us for any other reason, only for research purposes.

You ask for my time, waste it, and expect me to help you again? Go to hell.

I hacked the URL I find that the site is called Opinion Bar and their tag line is, Join the panel that’s improving the Internet. How? By wasting people’s time?

This kind of thing has happened to me on more than one occasion, which is why I’m writing about it. I can understand that some surveys need information from people in a particular geographical area. However, if that is the defining criteria, shouldn’t the people who designed the survey forms ask that question first?

All forms like the one I mentioned above tend to do is to put people off doing surveys. And that’s a pity because surveys, when done right, can be helpful sources of information.


One thought on “The stupidity of some online surveys

  1. Most of the online surveys do the same thing. They never let us assess the eligibility criteria, but later throw an error mentioning “You are not eligible to take this survey”. I guess they do this to get the eMail ID.

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