This is not spam. Or, is it?

An email landed in my Inbox today letting me know about a program in Delhi and Singapore (I’m in Bangalore), without my asking for said information. At the bottom of the email was this disclaimer:


This email is not spam. We follow the ‘US Unsolicited Electronic Mail Act of 2000’, which states that an e-mail cannot be considered SPAM if it contains contact/removal information, which this mail does.

It is a one-to-one correspondence between the company name edited out and its existing customers or prospects. IN CASE YOU DO NOT WANT TO RECEIVE ANY SUCH EMAILS IN THE FUTURE, PLEASE UNSUBSCRIBE BY send an email wtih the subject stating ‘Unsubscribe’ to email address edited out.

Now, the company in question operates in India. Why they would cite the US electronic mail act is beyond me.

Apart from the language errors in the disclaimer, the disclaimer seems to be a bit strange. My email address was “harvested” from other interactions I’ve had with the company; I did not agree to that. So, they take my address without my permission and used it to send me information I don’t want.

And, in the very act that the company quoted, it says:

(3) INCLUSION OF IDENTIFIER AND OPT-OUT IN UNSOLICITED COMMERCIAL ELECTRONIC MAIL- It shall be unlawful for any person to initiate the transmission of any unsolicited commercial electronic mail message to any person within the United States unless the message provides, in a manner that is clear and conspicuous to the recipient–

(A) identification that the message is an unsolicited commercial electronic mail message; and

I checked again. Nowhere in the email is it mentioned that the email was unsolicited. So, they’re not meeting the requirements of the act that they quoted and the correspondence is not one to one as the disclaimer mentions, but one to many.

What annoyed me was that they didn’t even provide a URL that I could’ve clicked to opt-out. I had to compose and send an email and I’m not sure if that will get me off their list. I hope it does.

Otherwise, I may have to try other methods.


Your thoughts?

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