Blasts in Hyderabad…again

If you’ve not heard about the blasts in Hyderabad yesterday, you read about it here. The targets were innocent civilians, some watching a laser show, and others hanging out at a popular chat joint. I remember eating at the chat joint in my college days and it used to be hugely popular, especially with people living in Hyderabad.

This whole killing innocent people business makes me sad and angry.

Sad because whether the killings are in the Congo, Iraq, or wherever, whenever civilians are killed for no fault of theirs, it’s a shame. I know it’s hard to defend against terrorist attacks but these kinds of attacks, they can be prevented. For instance, the presence of security personnel at public events and random checking of people could be a big deterrent.

What makes me angry is that these sorts of attacks happen with alarming regularity and without any warning. Cities are on high alert after the events happen and then everything goes back to normal. I’m not saying that security is easy, it’s not, it’s extremely hard. But let’s make it harder than this for terrorists to succeed.

Did you ever wonder how terrrorists able to get access to high-intensity explosives without detection from our intelligence agencies. Do we need some revamping of our agencies? Do we need people to be more aware of security threats? Then let’s do these things instead of the usual finger-pointing, hand-wringing, and knee-jerk reactions.

A few words about the TV media coverage. I’ve come to believe now that the Indian media has no concept of restraint. Sure, we need the pictures of the blast but the same pictures again and again without any indication that the pictures are being looped? How about not reporting blast tolls based on random information? Each channel had its own number flashing across the screen. NDTV, CNN-IBN, Times Now, and all the channels that I watched had different numbers. Imagine how this would’ve affected the people who had relatives in the vicinity. Shame on our television media, again.

The main issue though is that innocent people lost their lives. For that, we should all be sad.


Your thoughts?

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