Blogines version 3.0 (beta) is out

Lifehacker, the productivity blog on steroids, pointed out a couple of days ago that (feed reader extraordinaire) Bloglines has opened up its new beta version for your eyes only. Here’s the announcement from the pony’s mouth:

Bloglines Beta is now ready for review by you, the Bloglines Community.
– New Features – A Start Page, 3 reading views and drag-and-drop feed management
– More Features to come in the near future.
– Next Feature: Keep as New.

Here’s a screenshot (click thumbnail for full screenshot) for those with visual proclivities.

Bloglines beta

I’ve been using the beta on and off over the last two days. The new look has the Ajax-y (web 2.0) feel to it, is clean and appears uncluttered. I like that they’ve made good use of the space on the whole page. I also like the new start page feature, which I think is pretty nifty. Keep in mind though that this is a beta, so there’ll be hiccups here and there, nothing that has kept me running back to the old version though.


Your thoughts?

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