Ratatouille is Brad Bird’s (The Incredibles) latest offering, under the huge umbrella of Pixar and Disney.

Ratatouille (rat-ahh-two-ee) is the story of a rat, Remy, who realises that he thinks differently from other rats and that he has a gift–a keen sense of smell (and taste). His father is the leader of the rat colony, but Remy and his father often don’t see eye to eye. Remy’s brother, Emile, is a support to Remy but is not sure if he understands him.

Remy watches a TV program in which a chef called Gusteau talks about his philosophy, which is that anyone can cook. Gusteau’s book by the same name is also available in the house where Remy hangs out. The old woman who lives in the house discovers Remy and Emile and all hell breaks loose, as she discovers the rat colony as well.

Remy manages to somehow escape with Gusteau’s book but gets separated from the entire rat colony, who escape on their “boats”. He’s now alone in the sewers and only has the (imaginary) spirit of Gusteau for company. Remy discovers, through Gusteau’s prodding, that he’s actually in Paris and is “taken” to Gusteau’s restaurant. I don’t want to give away the entire plot, so I’ll stop here. The rest of the story revolves around Remy, his human friend Linguini, and their adventure.

Ratatouille is an absorbing movie and the plot has twists and turns and is peppered with humour. The music is also superb as is the animation. Some scenes, especially in the kitchen and the ones where the camera follows Remy, are done with such an attention to detail that they will take your breath away. The script is brilliant forms the backbone that Brad Bird has expertly used along with the different actors’ voices to create a great movie experience.

I know I’m probably over-hyping the movie but I expected a lot from the movie because of what I’d read and heard, and I wasn’t disappointed. In fact, you could say that the movie exceeded my expectations.

So that was my experience. Now you, just do a ‘delete all’, forget everything you just read and go watch the movie.

You’ll really be missing out on something special if you don’t.


Your thoughts?

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