IHF comes up with brilliant hare-brained scheme

Seriously, you could not make this up (via NDTV):

In a baffling move the Indian Hockey Federation or the IHF has announced an incentive cum penalty scheme for the Indian team.

The IHF will give Rs 1000 to the team for every goal scored by the Indians in the Asia Cup, but the catch is that the federation will deduct Rs 2000 for every goal that is scored against the team.

The incentive means that each player will get somewhere about Rs 50 per head per goal scored.

While the deduction means that each player stands to lose Rs 100 for every goal conceded.

If you thought that was bad enough, here’s the brilliant deduction from the IHF folks. Ready?

So far the team has scored 30 goals and conceded just 2, so in all they have earned an extra 30,000 and given up just 4000 rupees.

Given the team goal scoring sprees in their last few matches, the management is now claiming this motivation strategy has worked to the team’s advantage.

Huh? They scored against 20 goals against Sri Lanka and 6 against Bangladesh, two teams known more for their cricket teams than their hockey. And to attribute a causal relationship between the bird-brained scheme and the goals is naive at best.

It’s remarkable that the Indian players still play for our national team really. Hockey is nowhere as glamorous as cricket, where you’re treated like a celebrity if you make it into the cricket team. It’s not like you’re getting oodles of money to play for the team and schemes like these underscore what’s wrong with Indian hockey.

Clearly the administrators show no understanding of how to manage people let alone how to manage sports-persons. I cannot understand why, despite numerous dictatorial decisions, a certain official who-must-not-be-named continues to mess with Indian hockey. The truth is that we’re succeeding in spite of the IHF and not because of it.

Oh yes, and in case you were wondering, we’re in the semi-finals of the Asia Cup hockey.

You could be excused for missing it, what with the huge amount of coverage given to the country’s national obsession.


Your thoughts?

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