India wins Asia Cup 2007

India 7 – Korea 2 tells you the story of the game better than anything I could write, but that won’t stop me. If you want a preliminary report, read these reports.

I didn’t get to watch the full match but from what the commentators were saying this was one of India’s best performances for a long time. Korea is right up there with Pakistan and India as an Asian powerhouse and to beat them twice, once in the group stage and then so comprehensively in a final match is heartening for Indian hockey.

India was the only team in the tournament not to drop a single match and while they started slow with a 1-0 win over China, they have not looked back since. I’m thrilled that India’s hockey team is on the road to recovery.

Helmets off to the Indian head coach Joaquim Carvalho and his team for a remarkable turnaround for Indian hockey. Now, knowing our quixotic Indian Hockey Federation, they’ll probably fire him now and hire a foreign coach. I’m kidding.

Congratulations to the Indian hockey team for a fantastic tournament.


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