Oh to have a job like this

From the Hindustan Times:

Like several times in the last three-and-a-half years, both Houses of Parliament were adjourned sine die on Monday, four days ahead of schedule, amid speculation of mid-term polls and a government-opposition deadlock on the BJP’s demand for a joint parliamentary committee (JPC) to look into the Indo-US nuclear deal.

The Lok Sabha Speaker Somnath Chatterjee said in his wrap-up:

“It is extremely disturbing that the highest public forum in this country has almost come to a standstill which has raised questions about the utility of our system of parliamentary democracy and about its future,” he said. He reiterated that parliamentary democracy can function only when there is active participation of all the sections of the House and when the House functions with decorum and dignity.

There are ways to get your point across in a discussion of any sort and yelling and shouting or even walking out is probably the least effective. Maybe all our honourable MPs need training on how to give and receive criticism, how to have productive and effective meetings, general communication skills, etc.

If it were up to me I’d make it mandatory for all honourable MPs to attend trainings in what could be packaged as an orientation course. So many companies have soft skills training programmes for their employees. I don’t see why this can’t be extended to our honourable MPs and even honourable MLAs.

Yes, the cost would not be insignificant but I think it would be less than the cost of adjourning Parliament ever so often. Also, think about the benefits of having sessions where discussions are cordial and things actually get done.

I don’t know about you, but I’d like a Parliament where things get done.


One thought on “Oh to have a job like this

  1. Great idea! I’d even volunteer to do the training for them. In addition, they might also need some psychotherapy to get their issues worked out so that they don’t keep stalling the on the truly important stuff.

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