The rain from the train is mainly trash

People travelling by train in India seem to follow the unwritten rule, When in doubt, throw it out.

Plastic, paper, organic or any combination thereof are chucked out of the window with such glee without any thought to who will clear the mess. It’s not uncommon to see the sloping sides of railway tracks littered with plastic cups and bags and other trash. The garbage generated by people travelling in trains must be clogging the countryside.

I guess if people are fine with throwing garbage anywhere in our cities then it’s pointless to expect them to do something else when they’re travelling.

The problem is also compounded by the railways which provides trash cans only in certain compartments. (At least in the trains that I’ve travelled in.) It’s as if they are encouraging you to throw things out. Keep the train clean even if you must litter the stations and the countryside.

The honourable Minister of Railways from Bihar may have put Indian Railways on the map but he still needs to do something about the trash. Big trashcans will help and a fine for people littering will help even more.

And even if the Railways takes time to implement this scheme, the next time you travel, carry a small bag and put all your trash in it. And, when you get off at a station, put the bag in a trash bin. It’s that simple.


PS: Apologies to the two readers of this blog for the silence over the last few days. I was travelling and busy too.


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