One bomb blast is one too many

Two bomb blasts in the space of a week; one in Ajmer and the other in Ludhiana. Hyderabad was a target of a terrorist strike just recently, so this is not a new occurence.

While political parties can play the blame game, you have to wonder why we are unable to stop blasts that are similar in nature. These are not complex, original plots that were cooked up–they’re plots that have been used and yet we’re not able to defend against them.

If we’re seeing an increase of terrorist attacks at places where people gather, then it’s time to step up the security at those places. Just the simple act of searching the bags (knowing what to find) would enable security personnel to keep such places safer than they currently are.

In Bangalore’s PVR and Inox multiplexes, you are frisked and if you have a bag, the bag is opened and searched. (I have noticed that the search is sometimes not thorough but that’s a different matter. The very act of searching will dissuade people from trying funny stuff.)

It’s impossible to make a place 100% safe but right now the targets are pretty easy. Let’s make it harder for the terrorists by introducing well-trained security personnel and increased police presence. Even if we don’t have the intelligence information, we can prevent attacks by proper checking.

Even increased vigilance on the part of citizens is helpful. Recently, on a train I was on, fellow passengers who found an unclaimed suitcase wanted to move it (one wanted to throw it out of the train) or hand it over to the railway police before the ticket examiner (TTE) intervened and found the owner. Sure, it wasn’t a dangerous situation but it could’ve been and by alerting the TTE, the passengers did a good thing.

We’re coming into the festive seasons of Dusshera and Diwali. While it’s a time for celebration, it’s also a time for increased vigilance. Like I wrote in the title, one bomb blast is one too many.


Your thoughts?

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