Maya Organic

If you’ve visited the top floor of Crossword bookstore in Bangalore, in the toys section, you may have noticed products with the Maya Organic brand name.

I first came across Maya Organic when I was looking for gifts and came across their selection of lacware toys which looked pretty cool. Having read the information on the back of the toys, I looked up the site on the net, made a note to write about the work they’re doing and promptly forgot about it.

I’d heard of Maya when they were primarily working with children, but they’ve expanded their perspective since:

At the time of MAYA’s inception in 1989, MAYA sought to address child labour and children’s rights by programming initiatives aimed at working children and at-risk children. As a result of continual processes of reflection and learning over the years, the organisation has increasingly realised that though the primary cause of child labour appears to be economic poverty, this immediate interpretation fails to capture the complexity of the issues on the ground. In reality, poverty is a state of deprivation that includes limited opportunities for the poor to articulate their needs, to improve their capabilities, and to access to resources.

Maya Organic was one of the organisations that they formed and what they do can be summarised thus:

Maya Organic is a livelihood development Initiative that helps micro-entrepreneurs build a network of sustainable enterprises that makes impeccable quality products by collaborating and partnering with umbrella structures to manage supply, product development, design and marketing. Maya Organic aims to create wealth and build capabilities for the families of poor informal sector workers.

Maya Organic designs and produces lifestyle products such as home and institutional furniture made of solid wood, wooden organic lac coloured toys and Apparels from natural fibre. The products are sold under the brand name of MO.

To cut a long story short, Maya Organic makes Lac-ware educational toys, children’s accessories & children’s furniture, Apparel & accessories, Wood & Metal Furniture, and Home Accessories. You can get more information on their product page. One of my favourite products is the lac-ware keychains, which are colourful, puppet-like figures.

I think it’s a cool idea to empower people to sustain themselves and you can find out ways to participate here. The easiest way, of course, is to buy products made by Maya Organic.

They have a showroom at:

#15, Bannerghatta Road, JP Nagar III Phase
Bangalore-560078. Ph: 26580511. 26580512

Landmark: opp. Shoppers Stop

You can get directions and additional information on their Contact page.


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