The Kite Runner

The wife recommended The Kite Runner to me a while back and I did what I do when I get recommendations for literary fiction–don’t touch it with a ten foot pole. This is mainly because I’ve found that literary fiction or award-winning books have usually left me disappointed and/or unable finish the book.

(Why literary fiction is not my cup of tea is a whole other topic, which probably I will be touching with a ten-foot pole at some point, but not now.)

Khaled Hosseni’s The Kite Runner though is an extremely well-written book and I am glad that I put aside my prejudices and read it. The book is about Amir, a boy who lost his mother and who craves for the affection of his father, and the book follows his life in Afghanistan before the first war in the 1970s (with the Russian). His best friend Hassan is the servant’s son and Amir struggles with his feelings towards his friend and his position in society. The book follows Amir’s journey from childhood through adulthood across continents and how he wrestles with incidents of his childhood.

While Hosseni tackles the society in Afghanistan and the repercussions of the wars, he never strays from the story and I never felt like he was using the book to make a point. The story is gripping, keeps you engrossed, and makes you want to turn the page to know what happens.

The strong storyline is what makes the book so good and worth reading. Hosseni is also no slouch when it comes to descriptions and language, and characters, so if you’ve not read the book, and like reading fiction, go pick it up.


5 thoughts on “The Kite Runner

  1. wow, i just thought of reading it today, and i see this post now. i bought the book quite long back, but didn’t get to read it. many ppl have told me that it’s a great book.

    ps: i didn’t read the plot summary :)

  2. The plot summary isn’t going to give away the book’s story nothing that you won’t get from the plot summary at the back of the book anyway. I would’ve put a spoiler warning in the post if I were revealing details of the plot.

  3. Hey, what did you think of Life of Pi? Trying to gauge whether I should trust your taste or not. :P

    Also, will it make me cry? I don’t want to cry.

  4. I’ve not read Life of Pi. Yikes.

    About my taste, I’m typically a non-fiction reader and I don’t usually to literary fiction. I do read a lot more non-fic than fiction. You should check out the Books I’ve reviewed and decide whether you can trust my taste or not. :)

    About whether Kite Runner will make you cry, I don’t really know. The book is on your TBR list, so you should read it.

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