BookMooch for exchanging books

I’d heard about BookMooch before and an email from a friend reminded me about it again, so I decided to blog about it. (Better late than later, that sort of thing.)

The idea’s pretty simple. You give away books that you don’t want and get points when you mail books to people. You can use those points to request for books from other BookMooch members. Voila.

The only cost that you encounter is in mailing (snail mail) books to others and you can decide if you want to mail books within your country or outside. It seems like a fun way to get rid of books that you’re not so into and to get books that you’re unable to get. (I’ve not used BookMooch yet. Don’t ask.)

You can get a lot more information from BookMooch’s About page.


3 thoughts on “BookMooch for exchanging books

  1. checked the website, it looks cool. idea is good, but i’m kind-of possessive abt my book-collection, i don’t think i’ll give away any book!

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