Use your mobile phone to capture information

If you remember something or get an idea and don’t have a pen and paper handy, use your mobile phone to capture the information. I know many people who use their mobile phone’s reminder feature to remind themselves of things to be done. I use the reminder feature quite often myself. But, I’m not talking about the Reminder feature here.

What I’m talking about is typing your ideas or thoughts as an SMS and then storing the SMS in your (SMS) Draft folder. You could even send yourself an SMS but that would cost you money and it’s probably not necessary. Saving a message as a draft doesn’t cost you anything other than storage space on your mobile phone.

I’ve noted down ideas for blog posts, things to buy, or just captured useful information that I may not have been able to remember later, so it’s a hack I’ve found useful. (I think it was a friend who told me about this hack but I can’t be sure who it was.)

Don’t forget to check your Drafts folder periodically to ensure that you process what you’ve captured and to keep your folders trim. You don’t want to run into storage problems with your SMS folders or make them load slowly.

I’d better check what’s in the Draft folders of my mobile phone now; it has been a while.


Your thoughts?

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