Don’t get creative with vehicle number plates

If you’ve observed the number plates of vehicles in Bangalore, you may have noticed that they come in all shapes and sizes, in different backgrounds, fonts, and even languages.

There are standards for license plates, so I’ve wondered how people get away with breaking the rules. Apparently, they don’t and the authorities are aware of what’s going on.

In Thursday’s Deccan Herald’s (Metro Life supplement), this article sheds some light on the steps the police and the Regional Transport Office are planning to take.

So strong is the lure of sporting numbers in myriad fonts and hues on plates of all shapes and sizes that the police are at a loss when it comes to controlling the trend. Trebling the punitive fine from Rs 100 to Rs 300 has done little to deter vehicle owners from indulging in number games.

In an effort to curb the rising trend of fancy number plates, the Bangalore City police hope to join hands with the Regional Transport Department to explore the possibility of framing stringent rules to clamp down heavily on these offenders.

The photographs in the online version are not as clear as the print version but they give you an idea of what’s going on. There are some guidelines at the bottom of the article, so if you think that you have “creative” plates, check that section out.

The article by Nina C George is titled Number games on the road.


2 thoughts on “Don’t get creative with vehicle number plates

  1. There are number plates in Kannada !!! I guess it permitted by the law ( I am not sure ) but then if there is hit and run I wouldn’t be able to note down the number for sure !!! ( I am from a another state :( )

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