HBO India's countdown to next programme

I recently noticed that HBO India had a countdown along with the name of their next programme placed at the top of the TV screen, when you’re in between programmes. It’s reasonably unobtrusive and let’s you know how long you have to wait for the next programme.

I can check the newspaper for the listings and people with digital cable or DTH can use their menus to find the same information. Still, it’s nice that someone thought about making the information so easily available and it’s something that I appreciate.

I love it when designers come up with nifty features that help users.

PS: The BBC (World) also does something similar with their programmes.


5 thoughts on “HBO India's countdown to next programme

  1. Dear Madam/Sir
    How do I get to know next weekend movie schedules>
    I do not find in any Daily news papers.May I get your programs by e-mail once in a week!

    Thanking you

    P B Srinivasa Raghavan

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