Where have all the leaders gone?

At 82, you’d expect a person to be content with the trappings of retired life. Not Lee Iacocca. In “Where have all the leaders gone?” (WHATLG), Iacocca takes issue with the way America is being run by the current administration and its politicians. He lays down the nine Cs of leadership and examines the credentials of the leaders entrusted with the job of running the US.

Part-manifesto, part-motivational book, part memoir, WHATLG is an engaging book about leadership in politics and in business. Iacocca, along with co-author Catherine Whitney, has written a book that is clinical in its examination of issues and about what needs to be done to rectify the issues. The beauty of the book is in the simplicity of the writing and in the clarity of its thought.

Though the book is primarily about America, I enjoyed it thoroughly and can think about many applications in the Indian context. Even if you’re not a leader, there are ideas in the book that make the book worth reading.

I enjoyed the book so much that I finished it in one sitting, in one afternoon.


Your thoughts?

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