An asteroid named after a football coach

Via Arseblog, the best blog about Arsenal, I read about Ian Griffin, who discovered an asteroid in orbit between Mars and Jupiter, petitioned the IAU (International Astronomical Union) to name it after Arsene Wenger. From his announcement:

On November 21st 2007, the International Astronomical Union announced that an asteroid I discovered when working as an astronomer back in 1998 (previously known as 33179) had been officially named in honour of Arsene Wenger, the manager of my favourite football team, Arsenal. As discoverer, it is my privilege to propose names for asteroids I find to the Committee on small body nomenclature of the International Astronomical Union and I could think of no better person to honour in this way that the man who has taken football to a new level.

His citation says the following:

Asteroid 33179 Arsenewenger is named to honour the achievements of Arsene Wenger OBE (1949-), a French football manager, who has been manager of Arsenal FC in England since 1996. He is the club’s most successful manager in terms of trophies won. In 2004 he became the only manager in Premier League history to go through an entire season undefeated. Wenger’s teams are renowned for their beautiful approach to the game. The asteroid, which is between 3 and 9 kilometres in diameter orbits between Mars and Jupiter taking 4.23 years to complete one circuit of the sun.

You can see a picture of the asteroid and get more info at Ian Griffin’s page.

Your thoughts?

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