Another Bloody Love Letter

I’d never heard of Anthony Loyd, but his book Another Bloody Love Letter caught my eye in the library, and I picked it up. Once I started reading the book, I found it hard to put down.

Another Bloody Love Letter is book is about war–specifically about wars in Kosovo, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, and Iraq. But, it’s also about Loyd’s experiences in reporting on those wars, about his struggle with drug addiction, and about dealing with loss.

Loyd served in the army before becoming a journalist, so he has a unique perspective. His risk-taking coupled with brutally-honest writing makes the book a gripping read. Loyd’s book shows the brutality of war, the unforgiving way in which it harms people, and the grey areas in reporting about war and its victims. One story about a poor man in Afghanistan, who lost an arm and a leg, especially stood out for me and in a way is a microcosm of what the book was about.

In the book, Loyd also writes about the extremely risky investigation into the death of a fellow journalist, his mentor and friend. Peter Beaumont, a war journalist, writes in his review that the book is:

… a recognition that war kills those we love, and that those of us who choose to follow conflict like groupies on its trail cannot escape it in the long run.

Another Bloody Love Letter is a superb book and worth reading.

PS: Peter Beaumont’s review, which I linked to above and which has a minor spoiler, is worth reading because he gives a war journalist’s perspective on the book.


Your thoughts?

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