Child trafficking in Bangalore

I am nobody’s child is a piece by Nina C George for the Deccan Herald, which is worth reading in full. Here’s an excerpt:

Hapless and haggard, migrant children descend on the City they hope would liberate them from the predatory instincts of poverty.

But within minutes of setting their foot on the City, traffickers swoop down on them. Painting a scene of hope, the traffickers lure away these children back into the world of drudgery and more misery.

The City’s railway stations and bus stands are the abodes of this body shopping of the most venal kind. A child can be bought here for as low as Rs 150. From the marketplace, these children are straightaway routed into beggary, hotel industry and prostitution.

There are also good guys who fighting to rescue the children, but it’s a hard task:

Alongside the traffickers, operate rescuers as well. There are more than 20 volunteers from three or four NGOs in the City that work to rescue these children from the traffickers.

“We are located at bus stands, railways stations and lorry stands in the City. If a migrant child is not spotted and removed from the spot within 10 minutes, he or she would be taken away by traffickers. Sometimes the traffickers are so well linked that we have to simply turn a blind eye to the traffickers and let the child go,” says a member of a prominent rescue team in the City.

According to Ramaswamy, coordinator with BOSCO, this year about 629 children were rescued between June and November and in November alone till date the number of rescued children stands at 17. Close to 50 children are rescued a month from bus stands alone.

Deccan Herald also carried another piece on the same topic, by the same author and that one is titled Migraine of migrant children.

Children need to be protected and they need to have a childhood–what they don’t need is to be caught in the ugly web of child trafficking.


5 thoughts on “Child trafficking in Bangalore

  1. Its true that children are just not safe here. Its very important for us to be little more careful when are children’s safety is concerned. Because I think that every children deserves to have a better childhood.

  2. hello,
    i feel very strongly that southern indian states need to start payin more attention to the issue of trafficking of children especially for sexual exploitation. being a student of TISS, bombay, i have had the opportunity to work on these issues and with rescued minors. it is bcos of these experiences that i kno that the quantum of children being trafficked from the South is large. i am very keen on working on thi issue in bangalore as it is where i have lived all my life. i would greatly appreciate it if the author/ anyone else can put me in touch with/ atleast give me names of Ogranisations in karnataka workin on this issue.

    Please consider this an earnest request.

    looking forward your response…

  3. Hello,
    I am very interested in working on this situation in Bangalore. Could you please give me the contact information for these organizations that you have spoken about? Any information would be great!
    Thank you

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