A Karnataka farmer recharges groundwater

From A stream resumes year-round flow, an article by Shree Padre in India Together:

With water run-off patterns in his area disturbed by the Forest Department’s plantations, more bore wells being sunk, and pumping of groundwater turning multifold, a Karnataka farmer decided to build his own network for recharging ground water. Surprisingly for him, these efforts have revived his local stream….

Saru Dinesh, a young Karnataka farmer who had reluctantly decided to dig a bore well in his farm to save his crop, is a happy man now. Thanks to his intensive rain harvesting, he now confides: “We won’t require a bore well in the future. If at all we face water shortages sometime, we will dig an open well. We are sure to hit water because we put huge amounts of rain into the land at higher elevations.”

Innovation at its best.


Your thoughts?

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