Barbeque Nation

If a place is crowded at 3 o’clock on a weekday afternoon, then that should tell you something about the food. And about the people who sit in the waiting room or stuffed themselves in the restaurant. Does anyone actually work after lunch in Bangalore? Is the phrase “working lunch” an oxymoron?

No seriously, Barbeque Nation was a good experience. The highlight of the meal was the kababs that are placed on your table over hot coals (or something hot, I can’t remember). You get special forks to take the kababs off the skewers and you get to eat your food hot. Eat all the kababs you want and forget about the buffet, is what one friend said to me recently.

The buffet was pretty good too but when you start a meal in an innovative fashion the rest of the stuff pales in comparison, at least in your memory. I remember though that one of the dessert items (?), a souffle I think, was delectable. The lunch also included a drink and on the whole was a pretty generous affair for the price. (Can’t remember how much.)

I felt sorry for the staff who were scurrying about trying to ensure that everyone had a good time; I thought that the service was good. People didn’t help by turning up much later than the restaurant’s closing time. If you come late, don’t expect to find all the dishes available. Seriously.

I went to this place a few months ago and if you’ve had a different experience, don’t haul me over the coals. (Ha, ha. Get it?) If you haven’t tried it yet, Barbeque Nation (BN) is worth a visit.

PS: BN’s website lists four locations: Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Gurgaon. Check out the site for more details.


2 thoughts on “Barbeque Nation

  1. Been to the one in Hyd a couple of times; service is snail-paced. We figured it could be because the snacks are so tasty that people gollop them down and hence the staff is instructed to delay the next set of skewers :D

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