Even garbage needs a proper place to stay

Bangalore has a decent system of garbage collection. You’ve probably noticed the collectors with push carts collecting garbage from households (sometimes autos are used) and the lorries that come to collect the trash from the pushcarts or autos.

What happens after the push carts collect the garbage? If the timing works out, then the garbage can be deposited into the lorry which makes its rounds. If not, then the garbage has to be deposited somewhere because the garbage collectors don’t want to wait for the lorry. Usually, this means that the garbage is either dumped a road that isn’t used much or near an empty plot.

Because there’s garbage accumulating somewhere this is invitation for people to use that place as a permanent garbage dump. Even if the place is cleared, there is trash from passers by, trash from shops, roadside vendors, etc. that needs to be disposed or collected somewhere. No prizes for guessing where this trash accumulates.

Because of this trash, you have street dogs and animals trying to find themselves a meal, which leads to other problems. There’s also the small matter of the odour that wafts through the air and helps clear the nasal passages of people walking by. Not to mention the numerous other health hazards.

The collection system works well but it has its drawbacks, as I’ve pointed out. Garbage bins would solve this problem but we need bins that can be emptied easily by the garbage disposal people, bins that will be sturdy, and bins that’ll prevent animals from having parties. The sides of the bins could be used for advertising, so maybe the bins wouldn’t cost too much in the end.

Is this too much to ask from our city’s custodians?


Your thoughts?

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