Sometimes simple can be beautiful and functional

When I need to check for the availability of airline tickets, I usually gravitate to ClearTrip. The interface is clean, there isn’t too much clutter, and compared to the other sites the simplicity is beautiful.

The results are also displayed in a way (see below) that makes sense to customers and not in an airline-friendly way. The results are sorted by price and the result selected shows you a break-up of the price. (For e.g.: Rs. 2,528 = Rs. 500 + Rs. 2,028 taxes & fees, if the image is not clear).

I’ve been to sites that will show you the price without taxes and then after you select a price, they’ll “surprise” you in the next page. This is such a breath of fresh air.

ClearTrip results page

ClearTrip’s tagline is Making Travel Simple and even their About page talks about this:

Simple: Simplicity is a religion at Cleartrip. If we’re not the not the easiest place to search and book your travel, feel free to give us a piece of your mind.

Even if you don’t want to book a ticket, go and check out the design of the website to see what I’ve been blathering about. I wish more sites would realise that less is more.

PS: I have no affiliations with ClearTrip at the time of writing. If they wish to reward me for pushing up their stock price after this post, however, I have no qualms about accepting a seat on their board. Or a free air ticket.


4 thoughts on “Sometimes simple can be beautiful and functional

  1. I checked out ClearTrip and it’s definitely more usable than the other one you linked to. ClearTrip’s interface makes it real easy to pick a destination; the important information is in text-links ( ‘Current Offers’) and the ‘Search’ form takes you to where you want to go in five steps or less. These folks definitely know what they’re doing! Brilliant.

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