What cricket coverage does to the media

I just had to link to Jaya Uttamchandani’s opinion piece on The Hoot Breaking News!. An excerpt:

With that said, let’s not forget Shah Rukh Khan. And yes, we are still taking cricket and we are still talking NEWS. First a cameraman and Kaif had a tiff while the cricketer had gone to watch Shah Rukh’s new film Om Shanti Om. That made news. Then the big hot topic turned into Shah Rukh using cricket to promote his movie. Why? Well he went to watch the match and the media splashed his attendance everywhere. Shah Rukh and Dhoni exchanged autographs, yup, that’s NEWS alright! And then we spent more than 40 NEWS articles on it – Shah Rukh is using cricket, BCCI upset with Shah Rukh, Shah Rukh said he wouldn’t go watch cricket, Kapil Dev said there is nothing wrong with the actor watching cricket, Shah Rukh hits out at the Indian Board …

It really is a nice piece about the over-emphasis on cricket in the Indian media. Definitely worth a read.


Your thoughts?

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