Scorpions to play in Bangalore

Just read this article on CNN-IBN’s website about the Scorpions concert in Shillong.

Renowned heavy metal band Scorpions will unleash their music on Shillong on Wednesday when they begin the India leg of the Humanity World Tour with “love and not war” as the underlying theme.

At the end of the article was the piece of news that fans in Bangalore would be happy about.

The band will perform in Mumbai on December 14 and subsequently in Bangalore on December 16.

I confirmed the dates at the Scorpions’ official website so looks like Bangalore gets to see the Scorpions again.

There was no word on how to get the tickets but I did some digging around and found that the show is being organized by E-18, a group that’s part of the Network 18 company (CNN IBN’s part of their stable).

Long story short, you can book tickets online at BookMyShow . The tickets are priced at Rs. 7500, Rs. 1500, and Rs. 1000. I don’t know where you can get tickets off-line but we’ll probably get some ad in the newspaper in the next couple of days telling us where. (Rs. 7500 for a ticket is steep though.)

The website also says that the concert is at Palace Grounds and begins at 7 pm (gates open 5.30 pm).


10 thoughts on “Scorpions to play in Bangalore

  1. Knew they were playing in Shillong, but didn’t know they were coming to B’lore till I saw this post. No ads at all.

    And Rs. 7,500 for a ticket is too much! The most expensive concert tickets are usually in the Rs. 3,000-3,500 range.

    At an average of Rs. 400 per CD, that works out to 18.75 CDs (7500/400), so you can buy their whole collection for the price of one concert ticket, and listen to them any number of times in the comfort of your home. (I’m getting old and practical, it appears… )

  2. DP: I saw an ad on CNN IBN yesterday a couple of hours after I’d posted. I wonder why there have not been ads in the papers though.

    About the tickets, there are lower priced ones at Rs. 1000 and the experience of a live concert is different, so you pay more for the live stuff.

  3. Read about the Scorpions coming. I’m surprised at the Rs. 7500 ticket. It’s too expensive. :-) Looks like the sponsors are making most of the rock fans in Bangalore.

  4. I thought about it and maybe the ticket gives you access to the band backstage or something like that. In that case, I can see how some people would go for it. It’s still too much for me though.

  5. the 7500 tickets were for the lounge area… and it was weird, the lounge area was farthest from the stage!! and there were seats… who wants to sit at a rock/metal concert??? Dunno if it let them meet the band backstage though.

  6. I heard that drinks were included (Black Label I am told) for the 7500 tickets and that the tickets could be bought by invitation only (I’m doubtful about that). I guess if you’ve got a lot of alcohol in you, it doesn’t matter where you sit or stand.

  7. nopes, wasn’t by invitation… you could’ve bought them on bookmyshow. but u missed something if you didn’t go! :)

  8. Yeah, that’s what I figured since I saw that anyone could buy the tickets. And, yes I did miss something but I’m not that big a fan of the Scorpions. But, it’s twice now that I’ve missed seeing them; probably won’t get another chance.

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