Ice Creams at the Corner House

Almost every person that I’ve spoken to about Corner House, an ice-cream place in Bangalore, will bring up the phrase “Death By Chocolate” (DBC if you’re familar with the lingo) when they are talking about Corner House. DBC is not an ancient torture method though I can think of far worse ways to cross over to the other side.

The stories about DBC range from people who can polish one off after eating a full meal (no mean feat given that it’s a lot of chocolate and ice-cream), or about people who can’t finish one, or about people who have on occasion eaten two. The last category of people are serious freaks of nature.

I’ve never tried the DBC. I’ll let you ponder that for a minute. Done? Let’s continue. What can I say? The universe has never conspired to make me eat DBC and usually when I go to Corner House, it’s after a meal and I really don’t feel like killing myself with chocolate.

I do love Corner House though and I can’t get enough of the ice-creams there.

The hot chocolate fudge is one of my favourites. For those unfamiliar with the dish, the regular version is basically two scoops of ice-cream with a generous helping of Corner House’s piping hot chocolate fudge, topped with crushed roasted peanuts.

The first time I tried this sundae, I wasn’t impressed but I’m a fan now. What makes this sundae special is the hot chocolate fudge which is kept heated and spooned hot over the cold ice cream. The taste of this liquid chocolate is unlike any other chocolate sauce I’ve tasted. I won’t even try to describe it but will tell you that you must try it.

The Creme (Cream) de la Caramel is another sundae that’s rich and brilliant. Over vanilla ice-cream is spooned a generous dose of caramel sauce and fresh cream topped off with roasted cashewnuts. Sinful and delicious.

Corner House also has other sundaes with fruits, with cream, with cakes, with mousse, and even milkshakes for the ice-creamically challenged. Let’s see, there’s French Apple Cake with ice-cream, ice-cream with lichees, chocolate mousse with ice-cream, ice-cream with ice-cream… you get the point. You can also get scoops of ice-cream in cones or cups if you’re not in a mood for a sundae. In a peanut-shell, Corner House does ice-creams and they do it well.

Corner Houses can be found at many areas in Bangalore. If you’re living in Bangalore and you’ve not tasted the ice-cream at Corner House then you’re missing something.

As a certain Mr. Gump once said, That’s all I have to say about that.


9 thoughts on “Ice Creams at the Corner House

  1. I was a big fan of DBC a long time ago. Once, I made the mistake of finishing up the vanilla ice-cream much before the chocolate sauce and the chocolate cake. Then onwards, I always maintain a distance between DBC and me. But then, DBC should be tried atleast once. Pls do try it and blog about it :)

    I totally love the French Apple cake that they serve :)

    Its been a while since I went to CH, but feel that most of their ice-creams/sundaes are heavily chocolate oriented.

  2. PizzaDude: I guess I will try it at some point when I feel like drowning myself in chocolate. I’ve never come to that point yet but it’ll happen sometime. I’ll also keep your experience in mind.

    The French Apple cake is pretty nice and you’re right, CH does have a chocolate slant. They do have options for the non-chocolate lover though.

  3. Long, long time since I’ve been there, but man, I’m drooling all over my keyboard after reading your post! Should go there again sometime soon…

    Never tried DBC or the sundaes. Usually go for the regular stuff. Tried the Rum ‘n’ Raisin ice cream once. Was goooood (i.e., lots of rum!) Hic! Shears…

    Shall try a sundae next time…

  4. When I first came to Bangalore 8 years back a friend of mine took me to CH and recommended that I try DBC. Open to new experiences I did go for it. I managed to finish half of it and vowed I would never eat any chocolatey stuff ever!! That resolve lasted barely a couple of days and I was back at CH trying out the hot chocolate fudge. Thats my favorite choice at CH right now. Not sure if I’ll ever do DBC again unless my husband agrees to finish it off for me :)

  5. I’m in the first category u mentioned- the routine for a friend and me was stuff ourselves at Nagarjuna and then sentence ourselves to Death By Chocolate while the others balked. There’s something we call the DBC look- only DBC fans (or their companions) would know; its that dazed and blissful “Nirvana” kinda look. Happy memories :)

  6. Akriti: I’m sure that your husband will share it with you at some point. Otherwise, you’ll have to cheat on him with a friend and share it with her :-)

    Preeti: I’m impressed that you could eat DBC after a full meal–that’s something.

    Shrilatha: Not such a big fan of rum and raisin, which seems to be something two commenters like.

  7. I have to thank you for pointing CH to me – a long time ago. My favorite there is the Dew Drop Sundae – Fig ice cream, with a splash of honey, and roasted cashews. :-) And then the French Apple Cake. Bliss! :-)

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