Who are you people?

I used to read Shari Caudron’s columns which were syndicated in The Hindu a while back and I always found them interesting. So, when I got a chance to pick up some books from Amazon, I picked up Who are you people? .

I started reading the book a while back and then for some reason stopped. Probably ADD or something. Anyway, I started the book again recently and I enjoyed it so much that I finished it.

‘Who are you people?’ (WAYP) is a collection of stories of Shari Caudron’s journey to find people who are passionate about their interests and to understand them. She talks to Barbie collectors, pigeon racers, tornado chasers, and numerous other passionate people, travelling around the US to meet them.

WAYP is well-written and easy to read and Caudron’s sense of humour and her observations make this book an interesting read. The stories themselves are fun because you’re reading about people who are obsessively passionate about their interests. The book is part social observation and part Caudron’s own quest to find her passion.

After reading the book, you’re most likely to wonder, What am I passionate about?


Your thoughts?

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