Where do you get the best chaat?

I do enjoy the occasional spicy chaat but I wouldn’t call myself a regular chaat person. That said, there is one place in Indiranagar, Karthik’s Mithai on CMH road, where I’ve enjoyed the chaats.

It’s been a while since I’ve been there but when I used to walk by, before the shop was renovated, there was always a crowd outside on the footpath. Now the chaat section is inside, so I don’t know if there’s a spillover to the footpath. The chaats that I ate (usually the samosa-based one or something similar) were really good and right now, when I’m thinking about it right now, my mouth is watering.

I’ve also eaten chaats a few times at the Shiv Sagar in the food court at Garuda mall (pretty decent) and maybe one or two other places but I’ve not tried many other places. I wonder if there’s a really fabulous place that I’ve missed in Bangaloer.

When you think about it though, the whole chaat concept is fabulous. The crunchy stuff, the slightly sweet stuff, the spicy stuff, and the different textures and flavours of the food blending together is brilliant–it takes food to a different level. And to think that it’s street food really.

(Speaking of street food, I remember eating chaat off a street vendor’s cart a long, long time ago and I don’t think that I’ve tasted anything better. Memory can be unreliable though, so maybe it was just one of those things that you remember fondly.)

But enough of my chaat blatherings, what’s the best chaat place you’ve eaten at? In Bangalore or anywhere else.


5 thoughts on “Where do you get the best chaat?

  1. I think the 2 places in forum and garuda are okay.. there was this sweetmeat shop in koramangala which i don’t remember right now.. but so far i have not come across any place which is exceptionally good. Mumbai beaches!

  2. I’m a huge fan of street food. I second the Mumbai beaches suggestion, but also have to say, Delhi’s the absolute best for chaat, paani puri, pakoras, or any street food really.

  3. Actually, I think the Mumbai beaches are hugely overrated. The Chowpatty sev tastes like plastic shavings! And not enough puri in the Bhelpuri for my tastes..

    I always thought Bangalore was a great place for chaat, until I went to Delhi and had some fabulous aloo chat (at Connaught Place). If in Madras, Hot Chips and Gangotree are the only places to go to.

    Oh, and my cravings for chaat in Melbourne were satisfied by two recent visits to this place called Gujju’s chaat house. Yumm! I’m trying to get some of my local friends to go there.

  4. I guess I’m going to have to try the Delhi chaat whenever I go there next since Delhi seems to be getting the votes. I wonder what the chaat scene is like in the rest of the country.

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