Yes Man

When I picked up Danny Wallace’s book Yes Man at the library, I wasn’t sure if I would read the book. I put it back and then went back later to pick it up. In a way, I said Yes to reading the book.

Yes Man is a book about Danny Wallace’s adventures in saying Yes to everything. He meets someone on a bus who tells him to “say Yes more” and Danny decides that he should listen.

What follows is a series of incidents and an examination of what it means to say Yes to opportunities. A lot of the incidents are funny, a few will make you wonder about Wallace’s state of mind, but credit to Wallace for trying something extraordinary and then writing about it.

Yes Man is not a self-help book but through reading it will probably make you ponder about the opportunities in your life and whether you say Yes to them. Even if that doesn’t happen, the book’s entertaining because you want to know what Danny is going to do next and how things will turn out.

The film version of Yes Man is on the cards and the book’s done extremely well, so maybe that says something about the power of saying Yes.

I enjoyed Yes Man, so I am glad that I said Yes.


Your thoughts?

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