The road through Ejipura

Sing to the tune of Chris Rea’s song The Road to Hell (part 2).

Well, I’m standing by the waste-water drain
where the water doesn’t flow
it stagnates because of garbage
that can stink up (the place)

Then, I’m on the road driving
But the tar I used to know
Disappeared it seems, melted into the potholes.

And the perverted fear of shaking, rattles the teeth in every face
And common sense is absent, there’s no road here

This ain’t no recent road breakdown
Oh no, this is the road through Ejipura

(Instrumental: Horns blaring.)

And the road jams up with vehicles
And there’s nothing you can do
It’s all potholes and dust flying through you

Oh look out Bangalore
Look closer at no road down there
You must learn these lessons fast and learn them well.

This ain’t no hi-funda or NICE freeway

Oh no,
this is the road
this is the road
through Ejipura.

Dedicated to the people who drive through the Ejipura main road every day.


6 thoughts on “The road through Ejipura

  1. Loved your song and I am one of the people it is dedicated to – I take the Ejipura road to and fro to office everyday!!

    Its agonising both physically and emotionally and it worsens if it rains!!! Maybe I should pour out my woes in a musical way like you did. Hoping that would provide some cathartic relief :)

  2. wah ustad wah.. great post .. I am from Bangalore Mirror.. I wanted to know if I could ue this post for Blog Talk section in our paper.. Pls do let me know.. my email id is nt[dot]balanarayan[at]gmail[dot]com

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