Coming soon: Power cuts

From today’s Deccan Herald front page:

KPTCL has decided to resort to load shedding across the State, including Bangalore, for at least half an hour in the next few days. “There is shortage of power due to technical problem at Nagajhari project. There will be unscheduled load shedding,” KPTCL Managing Director Bharat Lal Meena said. All six generators of Nagajhari underground project in Uttara Kannada stopped functioning on Friday due to tripping of the system, resulting in shortage of nearly 800 mw of power.

Republic day gift you think?

Seriously though, it makes sense to watch the power you use. Simple things like turning off lights and fans can make a difference. You can get more power-saving ideas from Bescom, and AP Power.

If everyone chips in, we all can benefit because if we reduce consumption, there won’t be need for power cuts. That’s as good a reason as any.


Your thoughts?

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